The Interconnectedness of Neptune in Pisces

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NOTE: Just as the world experiences a “preview” of Neptune in Pisces (April 4 – August 4, 2011) before Neptune fully settles into Pisces (2012-2026), this post serves as an introduction to understanding the influence of Neptune in Pisces.

On the first day that Neptune the planetary ruler of the sea entered its home sign Pisces, Japanese authorities revealed that fish swimming off the Pacific coastline about 50 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant carried high levels of radioactive materials following the March 11 earthquake/tsunami.
As Neptune shifted into Pisces April 4, TEPCO began dumping 11,500 tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima plant into the sea to “free up storage space for much more toxic water.”(1) Although samples of the fish tested contained more than the permissible levels of toxins considered safe for humans, authorities said it posed no threat to humans or the environment even though one of the toxins found in the fish (cesium) has a half-life of 30 years!

When something is “fishy” it means we’re suspicious of the facts even though fish can’t lie. Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Neptune has been in Pisces for nearly two months now and the situation at the Fukushima plant and the devastation to Japan from the earthquake/tsunami has virtually disappeared from the headlines.

Like the fish swimming in opposite directions, Neptune in Pisces requires faith in oneselfto know which direction to swim. Neptune in its home sign Pisces strengthens the energies associated with this planet. It can be difficult to understand an energy that like the sea absorbs and knows no boundaries. What was here one minute can disappear in a tidal wave in the next moment to appear as if it never existed in the first place.

As part of the water element, Neptune in Pisces reflects that water is life giving and life destroying. To fully comprehend Neptune in Pisces is to understand how everything and everyone is interconnected. Contaminates in the water affect what we eat, drink, and breathe. This adversely affects our health which increases medical costs and decreases productivity, further weakening the economy.(2) The plutocrats (wealthy and powerful individuals and corporate interests) are in a Neptunian state of denial and delusion. They believe the nation can prosper as environmental regulations are eroded, and crumbling/outdated infrastructure is ignored as they breathe the same air, travel, and use the same utilities as everyone else.

Although Neptune and Pisces rule socialism and communism, Neptune’s message of “oneness” can be understood by examining the energies surrounding the planet’s discovery.(3) Neptune was discovered when it was conjoining Saturn (structure/responsibility/achievement) the day the Sun (self-identity) entered Libra the sign of balance and equality. Governments (Saturn) should ensure that all people have a foundation of basic education, healthcare, and the ability to obtain basic food. Saturn conjoining Neptune in Aquarius at Neptune’s discovery indicates that beyond government fulfilling those basic needs, each individual’s success and material accumulations should be based upon their own abilities.

As Neptune is in Pisces for the second time since humanity became aware of its existence, Saturn is in Libra and Aquarius’ planetary ruler Uranus is once again in Aries.(4) Government and societal structures can be brought into balance if individuals are willing to act on their vision instead of surrendering to the belief that this is the way things will always be. Neptune in Pisces represents what we believe and what others would like us to believe. Beliefs can be true, a total illusion, or a murky mixture of fact and fiction.

The best way to work with the elusive energy of Neptune in Pisces is by feeling it. Clear your mind of outside influences and then observe how you feel about the situation before analyzing it. Neptune in Pisces rules the unconscious, so ideas and solutions can occur when you least expect it. Immersing yourself (or your feet which are ruled by Neptune/Pisces) in water, drinking water, dreams, meditation, music, films, art/photography, dance, poetry, and mythology are Neptune in Pisces vehicles that could be inspirational.

Neptune in Pisces is the time to understand the outsized role that myths and metaphor play in our culture. Neptune entered Pisces the day after the Aries New Moon, indicating it is the responsibility of each individual to take the initiative to discover their personal mythology and whether it helps or holds them back from achieving their full potential.

Many times we are completely unaware of how we are being influenced since Neptune in Pisces rules the unconscious and knows no boundaries. Neptune in  Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces transiting each other’s signs during 2003-2011 saw the rise of the internet as a vast social network of influence.

Oil, gas, and chemicals are ruled by Neptune and Pisces as it was during the previous cycle of Neptune in Pisces that oil production first got underway. The explosion of BP’s Macondo well as Uranus was winding down its transit in Pisces demonstrated that safety and environmental concerns were not emphasized to the same extent as expediting the completion of the well.

As part of the water element, Neptune in Pisces reflects that water is needed to make energy but becomes contaminated by it. The first commercial oil well in the U.S. was drilled in western Pennsylvania which today has become a hotbed of controversy from fracking. The increase in methane levels in drinking water wells from fracking can cause a washing machine to explode.  And producing ethanol as a fuel alternative consumes a great deal of water.

Water is likely to be the issue with Neptune in Pisces. Beyond the availability and access to clean water are areas that become inundated with water that extends beyond its natural or engineered boundaries. In stark contrast will be vast areas of land that are parched or have become too contaminated.

Neptune and Pisces relate to speculative bubbles as euphoria overtakes fundamentals since the motto of Neptune in Pisces is “I believe.” The development of black gold and the rush to discover gold and then silver in the American West began just as Neptune entered Pisces during the prior cycle. Speculative fever has again taken hold as the believers float on top of a sea of liquidity provided by ultra accommodative monetary policy.

In addition to the things ruled by Neptune in Pisces already described, Neptune in Pisces is likely to bring about a “sea change” to these industries:

ships, from tankers to cruise ships
plastics, chemicals
hospitals, rehab centers, assisted living/nursing homes
drugs/pharmaceuticals/ biotech
mental health; treatment of addictions and addictive behaviors
prisons; jail sentences for drug possession

Looking at the previous cycle of Neptune in Pisces as well as the last time Neptune was in the water element (Scorpio 1957-1970 and briefly during 1955-56), reflects the common themes of personal and collective liberation for all people, particularly women and minorities.

No planetary energy acts alone. Uranus and Pluto in Aries conjoined in 1850-1851 reflecting the drive for individual freedom and power. Neptune’s early transit of Pisces corresponded to the revolutionary “spring of nations” that swept across Europe in 1848. One Neptune cycle and two Uranus cycles later there is the “Arab spring” as Uranus in Aries prepares to exactly square Pluto in Capricorn during 2012-15.

Juxtaposed between the two Neptune transits is the mid 1960s transit of Neptune in Pluto-ruled Scorpio as Uranus and Pluto conjoined in Pisces’ opposite sign Virgo. The influences of Saturn opposite Uranus (status quo vs. reform) and Saturn square Pluto (tipping Libra’s scales to the far right to favor corporations and the plutocrats to the detriment of everyone else), will start to wane this summer.

Medicare was passed in 1965; now Republicans would like to dismantle Medicare together with the Affordable Care Act that in 2014 provides all Americans with access to healthcare. Yet Republicans refuse to create legislation detailing how their alternative Medicare plan would be implemented.

On a religious, spiritual, and cultural basis, Neptune in Pisces represents a longing to escape from reality through being “rescued” or “saved” in some manner. Addictions and addictive behaviors are used as a form of escape. Instead of improving life in the here and now which in turn creates a better future, many people would rather play follow the leader and wait for some magical moment of “rapture” that fails to materialize as scheduled, either obsessing about the end of end of the world or a time of endless utopia.(5)(The media are just as fixated on this stuff as it diverts attention from critical issues.)

Popular entertainment trends born during Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces reach fruition as Neptune enters Pisces. Supernatural themes are woven throughout the latest films, books, and the upcoming fall TV season.

Neptune in Pisces energies are particularly pronounced now as Neptune from Earth’s vantage point appears to be stationary in the sky May 29 through June 8 as Neptune turns retrograde June 3 (until November 9). All the Neptune themes I’ve described are likely to be more evident during this time, especially as Mercury (communication) will square Neptune as Neptune turns retrograde June 3. This time is better suited for creative endeavors or reading about mythology or one of those Neptune-themed novels as it can be difficult to sort out fact from fantasy now.

Just before Neptune re-enters Aquarius on August 4, Mercury in Virgo will oppose Neptune and
Mars in Cancer will harmonize with Neptune. This is the time to be proactive about water security and purity. Mercury was retrograde when Neptune entered Pisces and Mercury is once again retrograde as Neptune temporarily leaves the sign.

Neptune in Pisces tends to absorb things (positive or negative) like a sponge. Mercury retrograde when Neptune entered and exited its “preview” in Pisces indicates that longstanding issues need to be cleaned up. Like a sponge, we must fully absorb the fact that there are no real boundaries or barriers as everyone and everything is interconnected.

(1)In the link above to my post on the “personalities” of the Fukushima reactors, I wrote that #2 reactor was born when half of the planets were in the water element including Jupiter (excess) in Pisces. Just after Neptune entered Pisces, workers at the plant stopped several tons of highly radioactive water leaking from a cracked concrete pit at #2 by pouring 1,560 gallons of “water glass.”

(2)At least Japan like every other industrialized country with the exception of the U.S., provides healthcare for its people.

(3)“The Communist Manifesto” was first published February 21, 1848 as the Sun conjoined Neptune in Pisces. Neptune was discovered September 23, 1846.

(4) Neptune spends around 14 years in a sign and is in Pisces about every 165 years. Neptune was previously in Pisces April 26 – July 13, 1847; February 18 – October 17, 1848; December 7, 1848 – April 14, 1861; October 2, 1861 – February 13, 1862. (The gaps between these dates represent the brief periods when Neptune retrograded back into Aquarius or Pisces.)

(5) My opinion on the end of the Mayan calendar and all things apocalyptic (which means the lifting of the Neptune in Pisces-ruled veil) is that the Mayans thought by this point in time humanity would be so evolved that the Mayans could abandon their calculations. :-)

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