Jupiter in Gemini’s Influences on the Near Term Business Cycle

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From June 11, 2012 to June 27, 2013, Jupiter the planetary energy of expansion is in Gemini, the sign of communication, movement, and commerce. This post particularly focuses on the influence of Jupiter in Gemini on economic and financial cycles.

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter does everything in a BIG way. Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius represent issues that have a global impact. Foreign affairs, imports, long distance travel, the court system, colleges/universities, and religions are ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius.

Jupiter’s usually optimistic outlook stimulates growth and abundance. However, Jupiter’s energy tends to take things to the point of excess. Too much of a good thing can inflate prices as well as supply. Jupiter exaggerates sentiment. The optimism that generated overbought conditions can suddenly panic, leading to oversold conditions.

Gemini energy is the ultimate multitasker. Ruled by Mercury and symbolized by the twins, Gemini is a dualistic sign that rules the pairs of the body – lungs, shoulders, arms, and hands. These parts of the body are always in motion as they are the means by which Gemini circulates information, products, services, and people from one place to another. Gemini rules all forms of communication, the media, books, newspapers, periodicals, transportation, primary education and languages, libraries, and the post office.

Jupiter in Gemini expands the lines of communication and the ways commerce is transacted. Gemini rules the neighborhood. Thinking and acting locally has a global impact. Jupiter in Gemini benefits local merchants and small businesses. With Jupiter in Gemini, nations around the globe push to increase exports. Jupiter in Gemini favors developing multiple sources of income.

Growth Areas
Jupiter in Gemini can increase growth in:

All things related to communications, from hand-held devices to content suppliers, networks and server farms that must grow exponentially to handle the enormous amount of bandwidth needed supporting Jupiter in Gemini’s insatiable need for information and infotainment.

Reading, especially ebooks and digital publications.

Travel and the transportation of goods, although the distance traveled is shorter.

Infrastructure and R&D spending.

Alternative payment methods to transact commerce (from providers such as PayPal, Facebook Credits and Ven, to a town’s local currency).

Learning foreign languages for business and pleasure.

Degrees from community colleges or attending community college before transferring to university.

Jupiter in Gemini is not about returning to college for a degree, but supplementing the education and work experience already acquired. From seminars and mini courses that give certifications and/or credits, to vocational training and apprenticeship programs jointly sponsored with employers. (This is especially applicable in the U.S. as Jupiter in Gemini transits the sectors of the USA chart ruling employment and partnerships.)

Jupiter in Gemini expands motor vehicle choices and can increase sales. However (and this is true for any of the products/services ruled by Gemini), overpricing/overproduction can lead to oversupply and reduced absorption.

Since Jupiter is at home in Sagittarius, it is more of a challenge for Jupiter to express its energy in Gemini, the opposite sign to Sagittarius. Opposites attract because they share similar characteristics. Sagittarius and Gemini are restless energies. Both need the freedom to explore, and both live in the world of ideas. Gemini collects information; Sagittarius judges whether Gemini’s information holds the wisdom and truth Sagittarius seeks.

Jupiter in Gemini brings information overload. There’s a tendency towards too much superficial talk and gossip. Jupiter in Gemini is a world of multiple issues and multiple choices. Large scale issues tend to be in a constant state of flux as Gemini’s changeable energy makes it more challenging to decide to follow one specific direction.

But since every challenge offers an opportunity (keep in mind Jupiter’s preference for viewing things with the glass half full), Gemini’s curiosity can counter the rigid dogma of Jupiter/Sagittarius for individuals willing to expand their mind.

Past Cycles and the Stock Market
Jupiter transits the same sign about every 12 years. Listed below are the previous cycles of Jupiter in Gemini going back to 1929 in relationship to the stock market. (Multiple dates listed for one cycle represent Jupiter retrograding back into Gemini after making a temporary sojourn in Cancer.)

Pay particular attention to the prior cycles that are underlined as there are correlations between these cycles and the current Jupiter in Gemini cycle that I elaborate further on in the next section of this post.

June 30, 2000 – July 12, 2001:
The indices reached historic highs during the first quarter of 2000 when Jupiter was in Taurus.
Reflecting Gemini’s dualistic nature, the low (March 22, 2001) and high (May 21, 2001) during this Jupiter in Gemini cycle occurred two months apart! (Venus, the planetary energy that rules money and asset values, was retrograde in Aries during the low.)

July 21, 1988 – November 30, 1988; March 10 – July 30, 1989

April 3, 1977 – August 20, 1977; December 30, 1977 – April 11, 1978

April 22, 1965 – September 20, 1965; November 16, 1965 – May 5, 1966:
What was notable about this cycle of Jupiter in Gemini is it marked the beginning of a new cycle of Uranus (revolutionary change) and Pluto (transformation) in Virgo, which like Gemini is also ruled by Mercury. Virgo analyzes Gemini’s information as part of doing its job in the most efficient and effective way possible.

There were three exact conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto: October 9, 1965, April 4 and June 30, 1966. Jupiter was in Gemini during two of the three conjunctions. The market’s high occurred on February 9, 1966; the low during this period was on June 28, 1965. Jupiter was squaring Uranus and Pluto that month as Saturn in Pisces stationed retrograde that day. (A planet’s energies are particularly potent when it appears to be stationary and changes direction from Earth’s vantage point.)

Jupiter and Saturn are the primary energies that define economic cycles. Whereas Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts, limits, and can create blockages which can result from caution and pessimism. Saturn wants to conserve and take it slow. Saturn’s station and opposition to Uranus and Pluto then reflected the market’s pullback. The mid-1960s marked the beginning of a technological revolution that ushered in the information age. Barriers to entry began to dissolve which radically altered and transformed established economic and societal structures. These energies brought greater civil rights, social freedoms, and cultural transformation.

Now we are in the “crisis in action” phase of the Uranus/Pluto cycle as Uranus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn seven times during 2012-15. Actions taken now relate to what was birthed during this cycle. Three of those exact alignments will occur during Jupiter in Gemini: June 24 and September 19, 2012; May 20, 2013.

May 9, 1953 – May 23, 1954:
This was the only time that Jupiter was in Gemini while Saturn was in Libra and shifting into Scorpio as it is during the current cycle.

The first low while Jupiter was in Gemini during 1953 occurred on June 16 - one week before Saturn stationed direct June 23. (Saturn in Libra will station direct on June 25, 2012.) The low for the year occurred on September 14, 1953 as Jupiter was in a trine to Saturn. (While the trine created a harmonious relationship between Jupiter and Saturn, the stock market has a tendency not to view this relationship as favorably.)

May 26, 1941 – June 10, 1942

June 12, 1929 – June 26, 1930:
Here is the most famous example of the market making a significant high and low during Jupiter in Gemini. The Roaring ‘20s boom peaked on September 3, 1929. Retrograde planets can indicate a trend reversal. Jupiter stationed retrograde October 5, less than three weeks before what became known as the Crash of 1929 began on October 24. The market hit bottom on November 13 when Jupiter returned to where it was on September 3. The market’s sharp recovery from there peaked on April 17, 1930 when Jupiter returned back to the same degree it was on September 3, 1929.

This was the last time that Uranus, the planetary energy of shocks, surprises, and revolutionary change, was in Aries as it is now. Uranus in Aries also describes sharp reversals that break through support and resistance levels. The early 1930s also marked the last time Uranus in Aries squared Pluto (in Cancer, the opposite sign of Capricorn) 1932-34. (The market bottomed on July 8, 1932.)

Uranus will station retrograde July 13, 2012 where it was when the 1929 crash began as Jupiter stations retrograde October 4, 2012 exactly where it turned retrograde in 1929.

Key Degree Areas
Examining previous Jupiter in Gemini cycles shows there is a tendency for the market to reflect Gemini’s twin nature by making highs and lows during the transit. The 1929-30 transit illustrated that highs and lows can even occur at the same degree of Gemini (14 degrees). And there is also a tendency for highs and lows during Jupiter in Gemini to reoccur around the same degree areas during different cycles of Jupiter in Gemini.

For instance, the 2001 low while Jupiter was in Gemini occurred within one degree of the 1988 and 1965 highs (4-5 degrees). The April 28, 1942 low occurred within one degree of the 1966 high (20-21 degrees). The 1941 high occurred within one degree of the 1929 high and 1930 low (13-14 degrees); the 1965 low (15 degrees) occurred within one degree of the 1929-30 high/low and within two degrees of the 1941 high.

Jupiter in Gemini will transit these degree areas during the following times:

4-5 degrees: June 30 – July 8, 2012
This time period is anchored by the July 3 Full Moon in Capricorn which opposes the USA’s natal Sun in Cancer. Major behind the scenes financial secrets could be revealed that really awakens the American public to the enormous amount of corporate/government corruption and taking advantage of tax shelters, loopholes, and subsidies. Venus conjoins Jupiter in Gemini in the sector of the Full Moon chart representing debt, bankruptcy, and opaque financial transactions such as derivatives trading. The largest global banks are in focus.

13-15 degrees: August 19 – September 18; October 20 – November 19 (Jupiter retrograde); April 8-23, 2013.
(Within that timeframe, Jupiter will be at 14 degrees August 27 – September 4, November 3-11, and April 14-18, 2013.)

Just as a planet reversing direction can indicate a reversal, a planet reaching 15 degrees in a sign represents the halfway point of its transit through that sign. This is similar to the awareness that occurs when matters are illuminated by the light of the Full Moon. Which is why this could be a moment when the market reaches a turning point. What happens could primarily depend upon which political party the market believes will have the biggest gains since the key part of this time frame occurs during the Republican and Democratic conventions and Election Day.

20-21 degrees: May 13-21, 2013
Eclipses tend to disrupt current patterns, and this timeframe occurs in the middle of the May 9 Solar Eclipse in Taurus (money; banks) and Lunar Eclipse in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (May 25). Uranus and Pluto square off for the third time May 20. Expect sharp market moves as Uranus is in the sector of the stock market and Pluto in the sector representing the nation’s wealth in the chart for the Taurus eclipse set for Washington DC. Mercury and Venus in Gemini during this degree timeframe engaged in challenging aspects to Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto tend to be a negative influence on the market.

This degree area conjoins the USA’s natal Mars in Gemini (which squares Neptune in Virgo). The Taurus Solar Eclipse accentuates the likely emphasis on matters connected to the military and armed services, foreign affairs, and domestic and foreign debt.

Major Highlights of Jupiter in Gemini
The planetary energies present when Jupiter entered Gemini June 12 influence its yearlong transit. A majority of planets in mutable signs brings changing conditions and multiple issues to juggle at once. A lack of planets in fixed signs when Jupiter entered Gemini can hinder the ability to stick with a specific course of action.(1) Gemini’s planetary ruler Mercury in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn that day indicates many new ideas and initiatives are proposed but face many challenges to implement.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the key indicator of sentiment. The Moon in Pisces in its Last Quarter Phase and Void-of-Course further emphasizes the unexpected twists and turns, changeable and difficult to stick with it nature of this Jupiter in Gemini cycle.(2)

Jupiter square Neptune
Reinforcing the energy of the Moon in Pisces is that Jupiter was the planetary ruler of Pisces prior to Neptune’s discovery. The square between Jupiter in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces can bring large scale confusion that makes it difficult to know who or what to believe. This is because Pisces and Neptune often represent that gray area between fact and fiction; a sliver of truth obscured by a boatload of propaganda. Gemini/Mercury can represent the trickster and thief; Neptune and Pisces rule magic and the art of illusion. Jupiter in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces describes frauds, scams, and scandals of epic proportions. Whatever the media endlessly chatters about is overblown. It’s what gets zero or very little media attention that people should be paying attention to.

Two ways to navigate these energies is by taking a bit of time each day to tune out the outside world and all its distractions (which in and of themselves can be a form of addiction). Time out for reflection can help to think things through; trust that your intuition can see through the veil of illusion. Neptune/Pisces rule the world of sleep and dreams which can be a source of guidance from the higher mind. Jupiter and Neptune represent faith. You can dream big when you have faith in yourself and your path which makes it easier to go with the flow of change. (Since Gemini likes to be on the move, walking unaccompanied by communication devices can be an appropriate way to reflect. Especially walking near the water.) This is the time to take action to eliminate addictions and addictive behaviors.

Jupiter and Neptune are in the crisis in action phase of their 13 year cycle that began on May 27, 2009 in Uranus-ruled Aquarius. Fiscal and monetary stimulus helped to sharply reinflate financial markets. Markets have become addicted to this drug, expecting a rescue every time prices decline to levels approaching bear market territory. But like any addiction, each “fix” has less of an impact than the previous one. Jupiter square Neptune indicates inflation is a greater risk than deflation.

Jupiter exactly squares Neptune on June 25 – the same day Saturn in Libra stations direct after being retrograde since February 7, and the day after the first exact square between Uranus and Pluto! The Moon will be in Virgo with Mercury shifting from Cancer into Leo in the late evening. Although these energies are exact now, their impact is far reaching.

These energies can bring an overdose of information and “breaking news” events that send shockwaves that ripple around the globe as both Jupiter/Neptune and Uranus/Pluto are in the crisis in action phases of their cycle. Jupiter/Neptune seeks to dissolve global boundaries; Uranus is the wild card that shocks and breaks things up. Pluto rules debt and represents transformation. Capricorn and Saturn rule government, corporate, and societal structures. These structures have become corrupted and dysfunctional and in need of a new framework. All of the energies converging at this time describe the need to flush the toxins out of the system.

Capricorn/Saturn rule time. With Saturn in Libra’s energies strong now, there’s a greater awareness that time is running out. Things cannot remain in stasis when they’ve become so out of balance. Yet when Saturn’s energies are strong, there is caution about doing anything new and taking risks for fear it turns out worse than maintaining the status quo.

Libra’s planetary ruler Venus is in Gemini, about to turn direct in two days time. Venus retrograde brings a desire to return to what worked financially in the past (i.e. stimulus to spur asset prices and less financial regulation), and the Street addicts are out en masse waiting for more from government leaders and central bankers. Jupiter energy can be hypocritical. The Street addicts are the very same people who expect the poor and middle class to sacrifice by accepting cuts and austerity measures while the plutocrats contribute less. Saturn is cautious and demands accountability and responsibility, and the Moon in Virgo is doing the bookkeeping.

Financial markets could be subject to extreme volatility and sharp price moves that break through support/resistance levels. Jupiter expands the sentiment; Neptune is bubble or bust. Whether the market’s direction is fueled by hope and euphoria or contagion concerns and panic depends upon what is being reported and communicated by leaders. Which means the market can unexpectedly reverse course. Saturn brings a dose of caution and pessimism. Saturn can act as a brake on the market, keeping market moves more contained than they might be without its influence. The Jupiter/Neptune square can create large moves in commodity prices – especially crude oil. Oil, gas, chemicals, drugs, healthcare, shipping, telecom, and the transportation industries are in focus now.

Rumors could be running rampant, along with fraudulent activities and scams. At least one major scandal of epic proportions could be brewing that keeps the media busy. (A major media outlet could be embroiled in its own scandal.)

These energies also describe high courts issuing multipart rulings that have far reaching ramifications. (The Supreme Court is expected to issue its ruling on the healthcare law around this time.)

There is the potential for an increase in transportation accidents attributed to distracted and/or driving under the influence. Chemical or gas explosions, accidents at sea, and terrorism involving large scale multiple suicide bombings using motor vehicles and places of worship.

All of these planetary influences could result in geophysical events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Weather conditions could be freaky and extreme, ranging from heavy fog to high winds and severe storms that bring flooding, to extreme heat and drought. The Mercury/Gemini/Virgo influence can create travel delays.

Moon/Jupiter Occultations
The Moon represents market sentiment, the general public, and security needs. Listed below are the days when the Moon in Gemini occults Jupiter (the Moon “eclipses” Jupiter). These times can expand public awareness connected to matters ruled by Jupiter in Gemini.

June 17

July 14: Mercury stations retrograde in Leo – one day after Uranus in Aries stations retrograde. These energies can bring shocks related to past issues, with the stock market and the largest global banks in focus.

Since Mercury rules Gemini, Mercury retrograde periods influence Jupiter in Gemini. (See the last section of my post written during the previous Mercury retrograde for details on the July and November 2012 Mercury retrograde cycles.)

August 11

September 8: Information overload in a time of high expectations as the Sun and Mercury in Virgo square Jupiter at the time of the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini.

October 5: Jupiter’s energies are extra strong now as Jupiter stations retrograde the day before. (Jupiter stations direct on January 30, 2013.)

The Moon/Jupiter occultation occurs the same day Mercury and Saturn shift into Pluto-ruled Scorpio. The Moon/Jupiter energy can bring transparency to previously secret information concerning government, corporate, and societal structures.

November 1

November 28: The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini conjoins Jupiter. Jupiter is at its closest approach to Earth on December 2 when it opposes the Sun. This can correspond to a large move to the upside around this time.

Jupiter rules celebrations; the next three dates occur on U.S. holidays:
December 25: How appropriate for family gatherings! Things could get a bit quirky and take an unexpected turn with Mars entering Uranus-ruled Aquarius as the Sun squares Uranus.

(At the December 21 Winter Solstice, Venus in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter as Jupiter is in an awkward alignment with Saturn and Pluto. There is an overabundance of optimism as well as excessive spending. Elaborate legal setups for corporations and the wealthy to minimize their taxes could be curtailed as adjustments are made to tax laws. Efforts could also be made to reduce the high cost of college tuition. There could be adjustments to global financial rules impacting the world’s biggest banks.)

January 21, 2013

February 18, 2013: There’s a Jupiter/Neptune energy today as the Sun enters Pisces. Saturn’s energies are also strong as Saturn stations retrograde in Scorpio.

Jupiter sextile Uranus
Jupiter and Uranus in Aries are in the opportunity phase of their 14 year cycle that began with their conjunction in Aries on June 8, 2010. This influence is exact on July 22, and is close February 10-19, 2013. The Moon in Virgo once again combined with Virgo’s ruler Mercury (retrograde) also favorably aspecting Mars in Libra indicates this is the time to rework past ideas and inventions into something new.

There could be a big renewed push for Net Neutrality. Internet freedom is needed to fully utilize all the new and upcoming technologies of communication and delivering content and entertainment. Aries is fast, and the U.S. has a lot of catching up to do to match the internet speeds of other countries such as South Korea. Internet companies will be promoting technologies that have the potential to disrupt the AT&T, Verizon, cable oligopoly on internet service.

The twin nature of Gemini can indicate the potential for the market to make a new high and low this year or during Jupiter transit in Gemini. The greater probability is that the market has yet to reach a new low this year while the high for 2013 occurs while Jupiter is still in Gemini.

(1)The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

(2)The Void-of-Course Moon describes the time period that occurs every 2.5 days when the Moon has finished making major aspects to the planets before entering the next sign.

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